Business & Technology Consulting

Hiliks Business and Technology Consulting group assists our clients globally in the ideation, strategic planning, design, development and commercialization of a variety of software, products and services for the connected world. Our unique approach combines decades of experience with deep industry understanding, in-house design, broad technology expertise and a wide range of tailored development services. We also offer an Outcome Certainty engagement model, ensuring alignment with our clients' ultimate business objectives.

Deep Industry Understanding

Hiliks has been successfully completing many of projects for global customers. Our deep understanding of software, connected devices and the cloud provides our clients with insightful perspectives, up front analysis and architectural recommendations critical to the ideation and planning phases of innovative new product and service development.

In-House Design

Hiliks Connected Experience Design Group draws its global design and development talent from 35 offices, leading clients through the challenging maze of platform and application user experience design and development with holistic services including Design Strategy and Modeling, Interaction and UX Design, Concept Design and Prototyping and Platform Design and Graphic Production.

Broad Technology Expertise

Commercializing innovative product and services experience is highly dependent on selecting and harmonizing a wide range of new technologies to deliver compelling end user experiences. From the latest user interface technologies to core enabling and emerging technologies, NFC, multi-core, wireless networking and more, we help clients select, integrate and optimize the right technologies to make their solutions thrive in Today's connected world.

Tailored Development Services

Ensuring tight linkage between design and development, Hiliks delivers a complete range of on-site and offshore product development services, including expert resources combined with best in class tools, process and certifications. This approach is proven to improve development efficiency, reduce "innovation erosion" and shorten time to market for our clients' solutions.

Quality Assurance

Any development project requires strong testing and certification to ensure that the final deliverables exceed the stated usability, performance and quality targets. Hiliks offers a complete suite of services to cover clients' assurance needs from test strategy design, through complex scenario creation, IOT and field testing and support for factory certification/compliance requirements. Our deep expertise in assurance not only enables us to support our clients' current requirements but also brings a level of innovation to testing approaches and activities that ensure your product is fully ready for the market.