Who We Are

About our company

HiLiks Technologies Ltd. is an IT Services Company that offers a wide array of HR solutions and consultancy to organizations across the globe. Our portfolio includes a range of HR Services like Staffing Solutions, Payroll Outsourcing, Training & Development and HR Consulting Solutions.

We assist our clients in achieving their Human Resource requirements, developing HR Systems, improve HR processes, enhance performance and unleash the potential within their organizations. HILIKS Technologies believes in supporting their clients in driving business results and growth of their most valuable asset, which is “Human Capital”

The company has grown steadily by serving organizations of different scale and size and in various domains. Whether you are a Large, Medium, Small Enterprise or a startup, we understand that every business is unique and has a specific need and hence our solutions are focused on understanding those specific needs and delivering a unique solution that meets your organizational requirement.

Our Management team consists of individuals who have spent considerable years working in Industry. With the in depth understanding of HR processes and Industry expertise, the HILIKS team adopts a structured approach in delivering not only customized solutions but also adding value to the vision of their clients.

Supported by our strong, dynamic and young team, we strive relentlessly to help you build a high potential workforce and move ahead towards achieving your business goals. If you are looking at hiring talent with upgraded skills with dash of creativity or personalized HR services for your Company, HILIKS Technologies can be your one stop shop service provider.

Main Objectives

  • To carry on the business of providing services/solutions of information technology, information systems, Hardware and Software development, system networking and satellite communications, protocols, call centers, medical transcription, medical billing, system development, computer training in software and networking, infrastructure for software development, networking and to provide manpower consulting in software, hardware and networking and other business process outsourcing activities, training center, and help desk services and provide services relating to products, product support services, software education, system integration, embedded systems development, software testing services, software support services, CRM [Customer Relation Management] tools, open source systems and applications, protocols and ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] software development, networking solutions and software counseling and consultancy related to software and networking and also dealing with smart cards, bio-metric, iris capturing, data entry related solutions, Data processing, warehousing and database management, technical auditing and digitization services. To carry on the business of manufacturers, dealers, importers and exporters of all kinds of computers, computer peripherals, control equipments, communication equipments, electronic high fidelity systems, mobile virtual private networks, mobile network core and other allied products.

  • To carry on the business of validating, certifying, analysis, simulation, modeling, verification, designing, planning, improving, developing, making, establishing, exporting, importing, selling, licensing, operating, providing, managing, marketing, maintaining, promoting, executing and implementing software projects, Governance projects, e-Governance Projects, Payment Solutions, software development, software solutions, information technology solutions, maintenance services, support center services and otherwise engage in, operate and facilitate in any manner the entire range of information technology and related solutions and services including in the areas of web related services, electronic devices, tools, automations and other value added services, including all services related to access, storage, distribution and transmission of Internet providing, computer software systems, supply chain management software and services and all kinds of communication as are in use or may be developed in the future and to research and develop efficient algorithms that improve external and internal customer design performance.

  • To carry on the business of design, development and verification work in the area of programmable information technology solutions for digital signal processing, embedded processing such as Industrial, consumer, automotive, storage, high performance computer processing, software development, product development, software counseling, web development, networking, electronic-commerce and other end markets including hardware, software, electronic design automation tools and intellectual property cores, provide design services for customers and users of programmable technologies and provide world-wide on-line and offline support for web-based electronic-mail, telephone and on-site support.